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 Nissan to present Moco concept at the Tokyo Motor Show


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October 19, 2001 – Nissan will enter the Japanese 660cc mini-vehicle market next year. The Moco is a pre-production prototype of the company's first mini-vehicle which will be produced by Suzuki, the biggest mini-vehicle maker. Suzuki will introduce its own new model called MR-Wagon at the 35th Tokto Motor Show, and the Moco is its derivative.

Only the front design, representing Nissan's family look, and the lens of rear lamp are different from the MR-Wagon. Overall length is 3395mm and overall width 1475, both dimensions limited by the mini-vehicle regulatoin. The overall hight is 1590mm, relatively tall but much lower than the popular Suzuki Wagon-R.

Thanks to this moderate overall height and clever packaging, the mono-form silhouette of the Moco looks modern and stylish, while still providing good interior roominess for four passengers.


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