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More than 25 new concept vehicles were presented at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, many featuring fuel cell powertrains that significantly affect vehicle design by allowing new packaging configurations.

This year's Tokyo Motor Show, which alternates every other year with the commercial vehicle show, had slightly less of the very unusual Japanese show cars than in previous shows, and more concepts closer to production reality.

These cars, such as the Honda HSC, Mazda Ibuki, Lexus LF-S and Nissan Fuga predominantly address the North American and European markets, as the Japanese brands focus more on gaining market share outside of their domestic market. This also shows how Tokyo has become less of a domestic market showroom and more of an international platform for new product announcements.

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Toyota PM
Honda HSC
Nissan Jikoo
Mitsubishi Se-ro
Lexus LF-S
Mazda Ibuki
Jeep Treo
Honda Odyssey
Mercedes F500 Mind
Daihatsu UFE-II
Nissan Redigo
Subaru B9 Scrambler
Suzuki S-Ride
Subaru R1e
Honda IMAS
Toyota NLSV
Nissan Fuga
Nissan Serenity
Suzuki Mobile Terrace
Nissan Effis
Nissan Conran Cube
Honda Kiwami
Subaru R2
Hyundai NEOS-II
Suzuki Landbreeze
Toyota Fine-N
Nissan C-Note

37th Tokyo Motor Show

Media days:
Oct 22-23

Public days:
Oct 25-Nov5

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