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  Tokyo Motor Show 2005 - Review

Design Review: Ferrari GG50 
A Ferrari concept car by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The world's most famous and prolific car designer has created concepts for every car brand from his native Italy but for its most famous, and so this is a world first. More...

Design Review: Mazda Senku 
Whilst most concepts at Tokyo were small, quirky and hi-tech, the Senku is a classically automotive design with a lot of fluid dynamism, minimal extraneous detailing, and an overall sensual elegance. More...

Design Review: Mitsubishi i 
The new ‘i’ production Kei-minicar replaces the Minica/Toppo range and offers a highly original package and a whole new dimension to the lower end of the Mitsubishi range. More...

Design Review: Honda FCX 
Should an alternative fuel vehicle look any different from a regular car? Honda seems to believe so with its FCX series of fuel cell technology cars that have evolved a look that clearly signals the advantages offered by this new technology. More...

Design Review: Nissan Foria 
On first appearance the Foria concept appears to be another Japanese car emulating a European idiom; in this case the sixties Italian GT and in particular the 1965 Lancia Fulvia. But it's far more complicated than that. More...

Design Review: Toyota i-swing 
The i-swing is Toyota's proposal for a new form of personal mobility, demonstrating Toyota's advanced thinking for transport systems based on research into changing lifestyles and values. More...

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