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Jaguar Chairman Wolfgang Reitzle speaking at the opening.

Ian Callum - Jaguar Director of Design

Dale Harrow presents the Geoff Lawson Jaguar Scholarship to Ted Mannerfelt

A plaque dedicated to Jaguar Design Director Geoff Lawson. The graphics represent design cues from his Jaguar projects.

Jaguar’s Advanced Design team will be starting on its first projects as soon as the opening ceremonies come to an end and will soon be turning design sketches and concepts into full-scale models. Julian stresses that Jaguar will not slavishly follow market trends: “ The S-type sports saloon and the F-type concept roadster demonstrate that. They are both fresh designs but with an absolutely clear Jaguar identity that makes them stand out as something special and immediately identifiable. Neither could be anything but a Jaguar.”

Commenting on the new studio, Jonathan Browning, Jaguar’s Managing Director, said: “Much of our past success stems from the Jaguar hallmarks of prestigious style and richly crafted interiors, which remain vital to our future success. The role of The Geoff Lawson Studio is to develop fresh design concepts which embody greater modernity and innovative technologies and therefore will play a key role in Jaguar’s future. But our customers may rest assured that we will not allow the essential Jaguar design values to be diluted. For us and them, a Jaguar will still be a Jaguar.”

Jaguar and the Royal College of Art:
“The Geoff Lawson Jaguar Scholarship”

Jaguar has established an endowed scholarship with the Royal College of Art called “The Geoff Lawson Jaguar Scholarship” to celebrate the achievements of Jaguar’s former Director of Styling. The Scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity on an annual basis to a student or students in the College’s Vehicle Design Course. The first award of the Scholarship is for the academic year 2000/2001, and was announced at the Jaguar Advanced studio opening. The scholarship was presented to Coventry University student Ted Mannerfelt by Dale Harrow, Course Leader of the Vehice Design course at the Royal College of Art.

Photos: Brett Patterson

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