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 Peugeot '2020' Design Contest winner announced

Peugeot Design Contest

Moonster by Marko Lukovic
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Stay and Go
'Stay and Go' by Lluis Sabaté and Jordi Altes

'Lynx' by Michael Leonhard

Geneva Motor Show display
Display on the Peugeot stand at the Geneva Motor Show 2001

Geneva Motor Show display

27 March 2001 - Following the launch at the Paris Motor Show 2000 of the first Peugeot Design Contest on the internet, the winner has been presented with a cheque for 5,000 euros by Frédéric Saint-Geours, Managing Director of Automobiles Peugeot, at the Geneva Motor Show 2001.

The theme of the competition was: "Design the Peugeot of 2020". A full-scale model of the winning design will be produced by Peugeot, to be unveiled to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The winning designer, 23-year-old Marko Lukovic, is a student at the university of applied art in Belgrade. His proposal was that the Peugeot of 2020 should be an original vehicle, inspired by aeronautics, incorporating a two-seater passenger compartment in the centre.

Lukovic's 'Moonster' design uses an engine located at wheel level. A very stylish design, bold and innovative, which won over the majority of the successive panels consisting of visitors to the Peugeot website, motoring journalists and representatives of the Peugeot Design Centre.

The Peugeot Design Contest, open to budding designers all over the world, has exceeded expectations with massive participation. Nearly 2000 designs were submitted on the Peugeot website between 30th September and 15th December 2000. The competition was open to members of the general public over 14 years of age, excluding those who worked for a motor manufacturer. The designs had to be sent by internet only. The participants could send one or more images (exterior perspective, side view, interior, sketches or 3D model renderings, etc) as well as text explaining their concept.

The most design submissions came from: France, Russia, Turkey, USA, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and Germany. To this list of countries generating the most entries should be added the presence of smaller countries, such as Moldavia (six designs), Tadzhikistan (two), Guyana, Macao, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda and Puerto Rico, each with one design.

Of the ten finalists selected, nine were Europeans (three Yugoslavs, two Frenchmen, two Spaniards, a Slovenian, an Austrian) and one American. Seven of the ten are design students.

The ten finalists:
- Obradovic Ivan  'Obradovic design'
- Garcia Borja  'Peugeot 201- Hommage'
- Michael Leonhard 'Lynx'
- Pavle Trpinac  'Peugeot L and G'
- Ermin Kosovel  'Peugeot provence'
- Benoit Vignot  'Senso'
- Lluis Sabaté Sirvent and Jorge Altes  'Stay and Go'
- Marko Lukovic  'Moonster'
- Park Jungsam  'The extreme sport car for 2020'
- Frédéric Dupuis-Jung  'Apache'

On 24th January, under the chairmanship of Frédéric Saint-Geours, the panel met at the Peugeot Design Centre to decide between the ten finalists.

Of the ten designs selected for the final vote, Moonster, because of its originality, shape, imagination, and dynamism with its spoiler suggesting excellent dynamic performance, immediately caught the eye of the designers at the Peugeot Style Centre.

They gave their view of the design, explaining that they were attracted by the "UFO" aspect. In the opinion of the panel, the step taken by Peugeot in setting up the first Design Competition on the internet was bound to lead to an original design such as the Moonster being produced.

For Peugeot this first on-line design competition signifies the importance that the marque places on innovation in design. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment and investment in the internet media.

More information on the Peugeot Design Contest, including a gallery of the design entries can be found at the Peugeot website:, or go directly to the Peugeot Design Contest site:


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