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  A tribute to Ermanno Cressoni


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Jul 6, 2005 – Last week the car design community suffered a great loss. Ermanno Cressoni or 'Arch' as many of his designers affectionately referred to him, passed away on Thursday 30th June in Milan after battling with cancer for 13 months.

'Arch' was a reference in car design and his contribution to our profession was much more important than stated in the press. As Alfa Romeo Centro Stile Director he directed the Alfetta berlina, the famous chrome GTV grille from the early seventies is attributed to him, as is the Giuglietta sedan of the late seventies, the Alfa 33, the 75, and many of the racing Alfas we adore from the late 60s and early 70s. As Fiat Centro Stile director he directed the team that produced the late eighties Cinquecento, the Alfa 145, the Coupe Fiat, Barchetta and Bravo / Brava.

The many important designs developed under his tenure have strongly influenced the basic proportions of the cars we now drive and still draw. But our beloved 'Arch' will always be remembered as someone who always stood-by, encouraged and stimulated his designers with care and respect for their creativity. Above all he was a person that helped others grow; he shared his knowledge and experience and always supported those who dared!

Myself and many designers have tremendous respect for Arch, Ermanno Cressoni. We are all very saddened by his passing.

Andreas Zapatinas


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