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 College Exhibition: Monash University Degree Show 2005

'Avant' by Adrian Marcon. Click for larger images

'Grase' by Max Tran

'eDeN' by Seung-won Choi

'Coalesce' by Joel Kong

'Couture' by Jeffrey Liu

'Ironox' by Tom Marminc

'Solace' by Adam Ty Dean Smith

'Escapade' by Drew Aaron King

'Kiara' by Lisa Cheung

Mar 10, 2006 – Graduating students from the Industrial Design department at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia held their annual degree show in December 2005, marking the culmination of the student's four years of studies. Projects from the Transportation Design stream included:

Adrian Marcon

Avant aims to give a thrill-seeking ride sensation, creating a new kind of emotional experience, one of exhilaration and excitement with safety. It provides a safe alternative for people deciding between car and motorbike, the design taking cues from motorcycle styling and functionality, mixing them with aesthetic influences from nature.

Max Tran

Grase is a fuel-cell car for the future business professional. It morphs between two physical states: compact for urban driving, and stretched cruiser for improved aerodynamic performance and efficiency over greater distances. Grase is a lifestyle vehicle for commuting, escaping, and making an impression on clients. Design references from animal and plant life were used to develop forms to convey the emotional essence of the vehicle.

Seung-won Choi

eDeN is inspired by desert life in isolated and rural areas of central Australia, intended as an educational and recreational environment for primary school students in these areas. Before and after school, the vehicle collects students from areas of more than 170km radius per day, providing a safe, fun and comfortable trip. As a substitute for a classroom, the interior is a learning auditorium, where urban digital 3D-projection wall technology is made available to the students. This feature would not only replace wasteful school stationery, but also the use of expensive personal laptop computers.

Joel Kong

Coalesce focuses on the increasing number of couples who have children later in their lives to pursue careers. The solution proposes a vehicle that separates into two modules, allowing each of the couple to travel at the same time to different locations. The modules dock together when travelling to the same destination, giving Coalesce a 'romantic' element too. A key feature is the ability of the interior space to open up, allowing the physical interaction of the couple whilst traveling docked together. The form and the asymmetrical graphical break-up of the surfaces are symbolic of how two unique individuals are able to coalesce – to come together.

Jeffrey Liu

Couture is a vehicle with sensitivity towards the wants and needs of the youth market. It is designed specifically for an active lifestyle and to blend into both urban and off-road environments. Based on a customizable platform, its basic state is a low-cost 'buggy' that with the addition of interchangeable parts and accessories can be matured into a more luxurious vehicle. Couture embodies versatility, personality and attitude to challenge present perspectives on car styling, its main objective to convey a sense of fun, excitement and individuality.

Tom Marminc

The Ironox Basic Utility Vehicle is a vehicle that emphasises sustainability, independence from infrastructure and aptitude for niche markets. Designed to cater for the specific requirements of rural citizens in developing countries, the Ironox is an affordable utility vehicle that aims to increase the value and cohesion of community life. Features include a variable-pitch windshield, optional cabin enclosures, transforming cargo tray / passenger area and an inbuilt generator.

Adam Ty Dean Smith

Solace Search & Rescue Reconnaissance Vehicle is a mobile surgical unit designed to respond to first-aid needs during military conflicts and natural disasters. The innovative interior and exterior provides Solace with the ready capability to save lives and 'increase the peace'. The vehicle's intuitive interior is aided by bi-directional seating for the medical staff, the medical environment expandable by folding out a tent. Overhead lighting can also be fitted to the rails for additional illumination when using the tent for triage. The modular interior allows the complete medical area within the vehicle to be removed, refurbished and replaced into the vehicle, thus reducing the time out of service.

Drew Aaron King

Escapade SUT has a uniquely Australian focus. It is intended for both recreation and work, combining both refined sophistication and practicality. The interior challenges traditional dashboard/console protocol, having potential for export drive side adaptability, while the utility tray has an inbuilt workbench, storage compartments, air compressor and power station. The dynamic cab-forward profile is accentuated by strong body side feature lines directing attention towards the front of the vehicle. To give a greater sense of space, the glass roof flows from the front windscreen into the rear wall, the latter sliding to enable either a two-seat cabin with an extended tray or a 2+2 layout with smaller tray.

Lisa Cheung

Kiara is an MPV designed for active families. Each component of the vehicle is designed to assist the family in executing daily activities such as shopping, picking up children from school and going to work. It contains many storage areas that have interchangeable accessories. The seats orientations range from fully collapsed, creating a large open space, to having them face each other to promote family interaction and communication.

Monash University is situated in Melbourne, the hub of Australia's growing automotive design industry. The presence of Ford, GM Holden and Toyota design and manufacturing operations are rapidly establishing the city as a centre for design in the Asia-Pacific region. Monash University fosters close links with each of these brands and provides industry experience to talented young designers. The newly established GM-sponsored clay modelling studio has been made available to final year undergraduate students, and industry-based tuition is provided throughout the development of projects.

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