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  Tutorial: Rendering with Marker and Airmarker
  by Wayne Westerman
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As a designer in the auto industry the majority of my time is spent creating and communicating innovative design ideas for the vehicles you might be driving in 3 to 5 years time. The spectrum of ideas ranges from the sculptural development of completely new exterior form languages through to technical solutions for cup holders.

Unlike engineering there are no set formula to solve any of these design conundrums; it simply comes down to creativity and problem solving. Most designers have their own sources of inspiration (architecture, computer games and nature to name a few) and will draw upon them to generate new design solutions, often ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Having settled on the most appropriate solution it is the designer's job to present the idea to management using simple sketches, colour renderings and digitally modified pictures.

The following step by step guide explains the basic marker technique I use to illustrate exterior design ideas, 'colour-by-numbers' for grown-ups really!

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